Dr. Yoonchul Roh, DMD, FAGD, FICOI

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine (D.M.D)

Harvard University School of Dental Medicine (Residency)

Fellowship Award from Academy of General Dentistry

Fellowship Award from International Congress of Oral Implantologists

Achievement Award from American Orthodontic Society

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Our Technology

Endodontics, more commonly known as root canal, is a procedure where the roots or nerves of the tooth are removed. This is often due to the fact that they are infected and the tooth is causing pain.

Rotary Endodontics is a way of performing the root canal utilizing a specific electrical handpiece. This tool often makes the process faster and allows the dentist to perform the process with greater ease.

This is the first complete endodontic system offering integrated components designed to make your root canal therapy procedures simpler, easier, and more efficient. The ProSystem GT endodontic system from Tulsa Dental features ProFile GT rotary files and corresponding GT Obturators designed for quick, easy matching of your final shaping objective file with the correct obturator - plus everything else you need to put the combination to work for you.


The ProSystem GT is the first and only comprehensive endodontic system of its kind. Rather than piece together the different components you need to perform successful root canal therapy, now you can get it all in one compatible system. For those just ready to convert to these types of advanced endodontic techniques, the ProSystem GT makes it exceptionally easy to get started right. And for current users of rotary files and endodontic techniques, that means the ProSystem GT can enhance the simplicity and convenience of every procedure.


What makes the ProSystem GT endodontic system superior is the way all the components are designed to work together.

ProFile GT Rotary Files

Innovative files with big advantages

    • Flexibility and strength of nickel-titanium
    • Shorter handles for easier access
    • Radially landed flutes to keep the file centered
    • Non-cutting tips to help avoid perforations and ledges
    • Varied pitch and sharpness along flutes reduce potential for threading
    • Groupings of common tip sizes and maximum cutting diameters provide continuity in preparation
GT Obturators

Obturators with the benefits of a proven system

    • Plastic carrier composition offers flexibility and tactile sense
    • Alpha-phase gutta-percha heats in seconds in the GT Obturator Oven
    • Thermoplasticized gutta-percha flows to produce a three-dimensional fill
    • GT Obturators designed to match sizes of ProFile GT files

We proudly offer rotary endodontics at our convenient location in UPPER MARLBORO, MD. Rotary endodontics allows Dr. YOONCHUL ROH to perform root canal treatment a lot faster.